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Solar Insurance and Loan Facility

The Solar Insurance and Loan Facility provides a comprehensive financial and risk management solution for individuals and businesses seeking to invest in solar energy systems. This initiative is designed to mitigate financial risks associated with solar installations and facilitate access to funding for adopting solar technologies.

1. Insurance Coverage:

   – Property Insurance: Protects the solar equipment against damages caused by natural disasters, theft, or accidental events. It covers the cost of repair or replacement, ensuring minimal financial impact on the owner.

   – Performance Insurance: Ensures compensation if the solar panels underperform or fail to meet specified energy production levels. It covers revenue loss due to decreased efficiency, allowing for consistent returns on the investment.

2. Loan Facility:

   – Tailored Financing: Offers flexible loan options with competitive interest rates for purchasing solar panels, inverters, batteries, and associated installation costs.

   – Customized Repayment Plans: Provides adaptable repayment schedules based on the client’s financial capacity, allowing for comfortable repayment terms.

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